Women With Opinions    
Webring Guidelines  

No hatred of any kind.

Your site must not promote hate/abuse
of any ethnic group, minority, religious group,
children or animals or link to sites that do.

Your site must have some content.
It may not be made up primarily
of links to other sites.

No sexually explicit images, stories or poetry.
Decision regarding acceptability of "art"
is at the sole discretion of the
WWO Webring management.

Your site must not contain an excessive
amount of broken images or broken links.

Your site must not contain any illegal
 information or information which
 may be deemed harmful to society
 (i.e. how to violate the laws...)

Your site must be in English or
have an English translation.

Your site must not contain an excessive
 amount of bad language, pornography
of any sort, or links to such sites.

You must not link to the webring logo.
You need to download it and
 upload it to your own server.
You must have the webring up on
your page within five (5) days of applying to join.
If not your site will be deleted from
the webring queue and you will need to reapply.

This is the image to use for the webring.


Right click to save it to your hard drive.

When applying for the WWO Webring,
be certain to give the URL for the page
 on which you are placing the webring.
If our Ring Checkers cannot locate the
webring on the URL you provide,
you will be deleted from the queue
and need to reapply.
 We will not search your site for the module.

Once accepted,
you must display a WWO graphic
below on your homage. This graphic
must be linked to the page you have the
WWO webring on.


 Once accepted in the webring you will be required
to join an extremely low-volume announcement
 Yahoo Group to receive information
relating to the group and the webring.

We will not accept sites that contain copyright violations.

Sites featuring uses of illegal substances will not be permitted.

No sites featuring links to porno sites will be permitted.

Nor will sites that promote hate/abuse of any ethnic group,
minority, religious group, children or
 animals or have links to sites that do

Sites with the following will NOT
be considered for membership:

Exploitation of Children
Exploitation of Women
Cruelty to Animals

Come and join us

This Women With Opinions site
owned by Bonnie/BeAngels

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